Friday, November 21, 2008

Buy the Book

I read this article in Publisher's Weekly (further link to Editorial Ass a.k.a. Moonrat). She suggests, "Buy a book this weekend. Just buy one."

Most everyone's heard about how the economic crisis has affected the publishing industry. Many people will be reining in their spending habits and chopping gift budgets. But if you're buying gifts, why not make it a book? I typically buy the little kids books anyway. I love to share some of the titles my son asked for over and over (A Fly Went By, The Fraggle books, Go Dog Go, The BFG and one with the line, "Cheese it, the cops!"). If anyone remembers it, let me know!

Normally, unless it's an author I love to read, or a writing buddy, I check out books from the library. Or frequent Half-Price Books. Or Amazon used. I know, I shouldn't admit it. But if I bought all the books I read, I'd be serving paperbacks for dinner. (When you do go to the library, save a clerk's job and avoid the self-checkout kiosks!)

However, this year, everyone on my gift list is receiving books. I love B&N and Borders, but consider giving some of your business to an independent. Legacy Books has just opened in Plano. It's a huge store with a comfortable environment and knowledgeable booksellers. Hopefully everyone knows about Powell's Books in Portland, the largest independent in the country.

And if we all encourage our friends and colleagues to do the same, maybe we can make a difference. Push a publishing house into acquiring a new author's book. It might just be yours. Or mine.


Pamela Hammonds said...

My teenage son needed birthday gifts last week for two of his friends. Guess what he bought them? Books! Not necessarily literary wonders (Fight Club and The Alphabet of Manliness) but we bought them NEW and felt good about it. I love giving books and can't wait to see Legacy.

Joan Mora said...

Ooh, I'll look for those. I've got a couple of teenage guys to buy for.

I hope everyone buys just one more book this year. Not too much to ask, right?!

Julie Layne said...

Oh, my son LOVED Fight Club--the m ovie. Not sure if he read the book, but he might have.

I don't know about the self-check seems to me they free up clerks to do jobs that might be more timely/beneficial--getting books back on the shelves, getting new books out, helping folks find books, etc. I don't remember people griping too much or worrying about them much when I was in library school, but I could be wrong. If libraries are going to lay off, they'll probably do it kiosks or not. Just my two bits.