Sunday, June 12, 2011

Good Intentions

As I mentioned in my recent What Women Write blog post, I vowed to take a picture of Austin everyday of his senior year. This last school year I snapped roughly 180 photos, one each morning (aside from the few times I overslept and Austin took his own picture). I also intended to write a short snippet about each picture and perhaps blog about it during the year. I wasn't always as diligent about the snippets. But college commitment and graduation now memories, I plan to share some of the photos and thoughts here while we anticipate the soon-approaching college drop-off.

August 24, 2010
6:55am I see the blue shirt first. The reminder that Austin is, indeed, a senior. With senior privileges and a senior attitude. He rushes to leave, skipping breakfast, excited about meeting his girlfriend for coffee. I help him wrap his arm from a particularly nasty turf burn and he’s forgotten where he’d set down his keys. I poise the camera to my eye and say, “Wait!” He does, but his look is more, “Come on!” than, “Oh, cool you’re doing this amazing project.” I plead, “You can’t start with that face on your first day!” He concedes by tossing me a grin.

At 7:20pm
After a long day of classes, a few free periods, and football practice, Austin comes through the door with a smile on his face. I will miss that smile next year, along with a collage of other facial expressions and poses. At the end of the first day, I realize it’s dangerous to be thinking about the end of the year. Must cherish every day! Isn’t that why I am doing this? He tells me a few details about the day: teachers, classmates, a book he’s overlooked for a short story class. We’re off to a great year.