Thursday, May 14, 2009

Agent Pitch Slam

As many of you know, (because I can't stop talking about it) on May 27 I'll be attending the Book Expo America/Writer's Digest writers' conference in New York. It's a one day event, just prior to the Book Expo America conference May 28-31. You should know this if you're going to register, so you don't end up registering as an exhibitor for the BEA event instead of the BEA/WD event and have to call technical support to clear up the confusion. Not that anyone I know would do such a thing.

My main reason to attend is the Agent Pitch Slam, or, speed dating with agents. Three minutes to pitch an agent, as many agents as you can visit in the 2-hour window. There are over sixty agents attending, but apparently because of long lines (think Janet Reid, Stephany Evans or Donald Maass), I should plan on pitching 3-6 only. I'm splitting my time between The Bodley Boys and Center Court Seats and a Pair of Jimmy Choos and researching the best choices for each. I wish I could pack Pamela in my suitcase to give me a boost of confidence (and to double up on the pitches). I hope they allow texting in the pitch slam room.

Two weeks ago before I met with an agent at the DFW Conference, I paced the lobby, reciting my pitch under my breath. More than one person asked if I needed any assistance. Like maybe a ride to the psych hospital. I'm trying to stay calm, agents are only people as they like to say.

Anyone been? Want to share some tips with me?


Maria Zannini said...

I haven't pitched in a couple of years, but the best advice I ever got was to talk about the book the way I would talk about a favorite movie and/or book. Be excited about it and share the enthusiasm.

Good luck, Joan!

Joan Mora said...

Maria--great to hear from you!

Thanks for the encouragement!

PT Hammonds said...

Find a big enough suitcase and a snorkle, and I'm game. We could have some fun and meet some agents!

Suzanne said...

Ack! My stomach hurts for you just thinking about it....Hope it goes well!