Saturday, July 3, 2010

Boxes of Stories

I'm blogging about boxes of stories over at What Women Write today. Here are a few more pictures.

These are my maternal grandparents, Harry and Jenny Zimberg.

I think the lady with flowers adorning her hat is my father's aunt, Mary Levinson. The woman who chose a feathered hat? Who knows?!

My father and his father, Paul Levinson, owned Monroe Pharmacy from the early 50s through sometime in the 70s in Washington, D.C. Pauline worked for them for about 30 years.

Maybe my grandfather and a brother owned a confectionery before Grandpa Paul became a pharmacist, or maybe they just walked in for a piece of chocolate.

I might not know the facts, but each picture is a story waiting to be told.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful pics, Joan. I'd say the woman with the feather in her hat is at least a generation older than the pic of your maternal grandparents. Try to find a good book on fashions through the ages--it might give you a clue.

Carol Woods

Joan Mora said...

Leave it to the editor to get the details right! Thanks--I'll do some research.

Thanks for stopping by!

Joan Mora said...
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