Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Writerly Gifts

Writers don't clock out. We never stop trying to be clever. Not only do we agonize over plot twists, but we rephrase mundane sentences into clever ones, revise thank-you notes, reread email messages before clicking send, and rewrite poorly written newspaper articles in our heads.

We also receive clever gifts.

One of my critique partners gave me the coolest gadget: an embosser to personalize my books. It resembles a notary stamp, with the same cool hand-squeeze design. A design that makes me feel important when stamping Library of Joan Mora on my books.

My son gave me Defining Moments in Books. This gem is almost 800 pages about the greatest books, writers, characters, passages and key events in the literary world.

So, when I need a brief diversion from clever writing, I'll be embossing my books and rediscovering truly great literature.

What fun gifts did you get (or give)?


pamela hammonds said...

In my first manuscript one of my characters wears aprons with funny sayings on them. My critique/writing partner bought me my own apron for Christmas which read: Born to Write; Forced to Cook.

No gift I received this year was more fitting! :-)

CresceNet said...

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Rich K said...

Hey Joan. Just checking if you read the comments ;)

I'm reading the story now.

I got a Krusty the clown pen for myself :D

Joan Mora said...

Okay-I know I should know this, but: Who is Krusty the clown?!