Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We all complain about not having enough time. Time to write, time to read, time to sleep, time to slice the summer peaches, time to watch another BBC DVD. I wonder how much time I waste worrying about how much time I don't have.

Both manuscripts safely under submission, I realized it's about time to get back to my new projects. Five Days to Kill Bob is on hold until Pamela frees up her time, so I finally opened my other WIP file, working title The Architect at Highgate. After breaking from it, I was happy to find I still like the premise and the characters, although I did change a few names. And I was pleased to see I had already written 28,000 words, 1/3 of the way to a first draft. I've no excuse now--I will write 1,500 words a day, a goal I committed to earlier this year. It turns out, it won't take me as much time to finish as I thought.

A few years ago, when I was still writing The Cemetery Garden, I worried that I wouldn't have any further ideas to write about. Now, I worry about not having enough time to write the ideas I have. A much better place to be, if you ask me.

But instead of worrying about time, I'm going to manage and appreciate the time I have.


Elizabeth Lynd said...

Oh, yes--the dreaded time. Funny how when we are busiest, with seemingly less, we manage to get more done. At least I do. Anyway, glad to hear you are back designing the Architect. I will definitely find time to read that when it's on sale!

Joan Mora said...

That is so true!


Shirley said...

Hi Joan,
I'm catching up on your blog, finally. Don't know where the time goes. Since in Santa Fe, I've gotten back into a small group of writers. We're just getting started, but hopefully some publications will come out of it.

How are you? Give me an update.


Sarah Laurence said...

Funny observation on time! Best of luck on your double submission. I have a WIP I’ve put away and revisited too. Maybe some ideas need to age like fine wine. So nice to connect with you!

Joan Mora said...

Thanks Sarah! And thanks for stopping by.

Pamela Hammonds said...

Your slacker co-writer, checking in. Sorry I keep holding us back. I'm so trying to not rush the summer with kids, but I know once school starts, I'll feel as though I got a little bit of my life back.

I too can't get past the notion that I'll ever find the time to write all the stories that dance around in my brain. I even have books stacked around me for research on projects that are just a bud on the vine. Much has changed since that first story of mine took wing.