Monday, February 11, 2008

Nightmare or Dream?

A writer's process of identifying and querying agents can be a nightmare. Once you start the search, you might find yourself in a loop of night terrors. Here's a handy reference guide to help you interpret some of the most common reoccuring nightmares:

Stuck in quicksand—You’ve spent six hours researching agents online or in Jeff Herman’s book and now have a list of thirty to narrow down.

Naked in public—You’ve mailed a query and the first chapter to the perfect agent and she thinks the writing’s so bad she’s passing it around the office or using it as an example in a "don't do this" workshop.

Pushed off a cliff—You’ve scheduled a face-to-face agent pitch at a conference and she’s asked for your manuscript but you can tell by her expression it’s only because she wants you to leave.

Bad guy is attacking you—You’ve opened a really mean rejection letter.

Driving up a steep mountain and falling backward (car and all)—An agent requested the full, you waited two months for the phone to ring and then received a rejection. If your car landed top up and you live, the agent complimented your writing.

Negative? Who, moi? Not really. I’m just trying to keep my sense of humor. I’ve received nothing but kind treatment from the agents to whom I’ve pitched or queried. And I know, one of these days the phone will ring.

What's your nightmare?


Elizabeth said...

Naked at your writer's group meeting: An agent asked for your full, and you hastily put together a cover letter, emailed it off, and in your euphoric delirium...actually forgot to put on clothes and went to your writer's group meeting.

Joan Mora said...

Oh! That would be bad!

Elizabeth said...

Speak for yourself.