Monday, February 18, 2008

To Blog or Not to Blog

Lately I've been feeling as though blogging is chipping away at my novel writing time. I like to share my thoughts on writing and appreciate the 13 listeners (it's a DC radio joke) who visit often, but I've got to finish my WIP.

Today I read Maria Zannini's blog linking to Josephine Damian's blog. JD went to one of Donald Maass' workshops on his Writing the Breakout Novel (one of the best how-to books/workbooks I've read). Donald Maass strongly believes (read Part 1 & 2 on Maria's link to see how strongly!) that it's what's in the novel that matters, not what's in your blog (or if you blog).

Reading and writing blogs is time consuming. Useful information all, but precious minutes must be scheduled in the writing-time budget. Otherwise, the novel writing will not get done. And since my goals are to 1. Write a damn good novel 2. Get it published, I will be blogging less and writing more.

I appreciate your interest in my blog and hope you will check back from time to time. I will post noteworthy writing topics and updates on my own journey.


Maria Zannini said...

Unless my reader goes kablooey, I'll always catch you on the day you post.

Post when you can.

Kim Bullock said...

I would love to have a blog myself, but I agree with you that it could be a real time drain. Since I have so little time as it is to write (with a two year old who is an inconsistent napper at best)I don't dare take the risk. I do check in on your blog from time to time, though, and will keep doing so, so post when you can. It does offer me a way to keep up with you and Pamela since it seems I'm never able to make it to the meetings lately!