Sunday, February 24, 2008


I spent the weekend at the DFWWW Writers' Conference and am now sufficiently motivated to finish The Bodley Boys. Once one hears Candace Havens speak, one cannot possibly say "I do not have enough time to write." Finish and revise by March 31st. Those are my goals and by committing to them here, I'm hoping my friends and critique partners will hold me accountable.

On another note, a member of the Writers' Guild of Texas has asked me to pass this on. As writers, we need to support each other. I saw the blurb on his book and it looks fascinating. I will buy it.

Hi all,
I was asked to post on this site a way you can help. I have selfpublished a novel through iUniverse called The Samson Effect. It haswon their Editor's Choice, Publisher's Choice, and their Reader'sChoice honors. I was also able to get Clive Cussler (New York bestselling author with over 100 million books in print) to read mymanuscript and provide a cover quote for it. I am also working with amajor Hollywood film producer to turn the book into a movie.Here is where I need your help. The national booksellers at Barnes andNoble have decided to place The Samson Effect in their high profilestore at US 75 and Northwest Hwy this Tuesday for a test run of 2months. The book will be displayed on their New Paperback table at thefront of the store. If the book does well there, they will considerlaunching it nationwide.You don't know how much I would appreciate it of you could pick up acopy there. Also, please pass the word to your friends and family wholove to read. You can bring books to our meeting for me to sign foryourself or friends who purchase them. This can make a unique gift foremployees, friends, or family.Okay, thanks for indulging my pitch. I just really need your help totake advantage of this rare and short lived opportunity. The book willbe available Next Tuesday, Feb. 26th. If you get there and the book isnot on display, that's a good thing. It means it's sold out. Just askBN to order you a copy. The more request like that, the more likelythey will order larger stock.Here is the info about the store and the book:Barnes & NobleLincoln Park7700 West Northwest Hwy. Ste. 300Dallas, TX 75225214-739-1124The Samson EffectTony EldridgeISBN: 9780595451722Thanks in advance for any support you can give me.Tony Eldridge

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Kim Bullock said...

Okay - I saw it! Good luck meeting that goal - I'll do my best to get your stuff back to you quickly!